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Geneva Motor Show 2013 opens for business

One of the year’s most important events on the motoring calendar, this year’s Geneva Motor Show gets underway from the 5th March.

Highlights from the show will undoubtedly be the unveiling of McLaren’s full production version of the P1 – a car we’ve been looking forward to since its debut at the 2012 Paris Car Show.

All the P1’s specs and details will be released, so you’ll be able to make up your own mind whether or not it’s worth the cool $1.3 million asking price. McLaren have also decided to ‘maintain exclusivity’ with a limited production run of only 375 models, so good luck getting your hands on one!

Also at the show…

Other cars making their world premiers include the Alpha 4C, Alpha Romeo’s new sports roasters, Rolls-Royce’s Wraith coupe, and the hotly anticipated Flying Spur from Bentley, whose ‘sneak peak’ photos from earlier in the year we eagerly blogged about.

Kia have also released the first pictures of their new concept car, the ‘Provo’, ahead of the show. They’ve called the Provo their ‘road-legal racer’, and you can see what they mean judging by the picture…

Said to be a sporty, performance version of the Mini , the Provo contains an interesting hybrid power system, with a 1.6-litre petrol engine and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. It’s bound to turn a few heads at the show, but will there be a production version hitting the roads any time soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Ferrari’s F150

We’re also looking forward to Ferrari’s F150. Very little about the Ferrari’s new Enzo replacement has come to light, so we’re not quite sure what to expect. What we do know however, is that it’s said to be powered by a powerful HY-KERS hybrid drive system – the same V12 engine as the Ferrari F12.

With a rumoured $1.6 million price tag, the F150 is placed in direct competition with McLaren’s P1, and the two are set to fight it out at the show for the top spot in the latest ‘hypercar’ releases.

A show stopper?

But could Lamborghini prove the biggest surprise this year? The Italian car manufacturers are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and the ‘Veneno’ (which means ‘poison’ in Spanish) is tipped to be Lamborghini’s ‘secret unveiling’ at this year’s show. It’s already generated its fair share of rumour and speculation. Certainly one to watch out for…



New 2013 Range Rover Sport Reveal & Mini Acrobatics????

Things are hotting up as we’re getting closer to the big reveal of the all-new 2013 Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover’s latest is expected to closely match the specifications of the new 2013 Range Rover, and include the much hyped, all-new V6 turbocharged diesel engine, capable of delivering 255bhp and generating an impressive 442lb ft of torque.

More dynamic than current models, and around 300kg lighter than the entry-level model you can buy at the moment, the Sport looks set for a big release.

The new Range Rover Sport is set to be revealed fully in late March, at the New York motor show.

Also in the news…

Mini acrobatics?

Freestyle rally driver and professional skier Guerlain Chicherit performed a breathtaking stunt a few days ago in the snowy French skiing resort of Tignes. Accelerating to 37mph, Chicherit sent a Mini Countryman John Cooper Works SUV into a complete 360 degree backflip, landing safely.

Launching the Mini off a specially modified ramp, the Mini back flip is said to be the first-ever complete back flip ever made in a car.

Check out the full stunt on YouTube.


Driverless RobotCar for UK’s roads?

Some of us don’t even trust our friends to drive, so we’re not entirely sure how Google’s self-driven car has managed to fare so well in its bid for road-legal status over in America.

Google’s car – which is actually a modified Toyota Prius – passed for use on the roads in Nevada back in 2012, and its success seems to have pushed a team from Oxford University into gear in their own bid to create driver-less vehicles for use here in the UK.


Hands-free driving: the converted Nissan LEAF in action


A converted Nissan LEAF, the RobotCar is said to be a breakthrough in the development of safe, everyday driverless vehicles capable of reducing congestion and road accidents.

The team have been careful to implement a number of safety precautions in their new car. Before you can start the car’s driverless system you need to nagivate through a few safety checks on the car’s internal user interface which, it turns out, is actually an iPad.

Lasers mounted around the car scan the roads ahead to watch out for crossing pedestrians and other dangers, and bring the vehicle to a controlled stop should anything get in its way.

We’re not entirely sure when the self-driving car will be available, but we’re certainly looking forward to seeing it!

Find out more about how the car works at RobotCar UK.

Weekly Motoring News 19th December 2011

Whoops, we’re a couple of days late with the news this week but hey. we had a lot of Christmas shopping to do…..Anyway, with only five more sleeps until the big day we have again sourced some more weird, wacky, useful and bizarre offerings from the internet this week. Enjoy!

The DVLA are to cut down on some of their red tape practices and this has been welcomed by The AA and the IAM.–motoring-advice/2011-12/red-tape/

Just a little thought of how to get the snow of your car this winter if you don’t like to get your hands too cold. Not sure the neighbours would enjoy it so much if you had a early start…….

snowy car

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Weekly Motoring News 10th December 2011

Welcome to another weekly round up of some of the more bizarre, but also informative, from the wonderful world of the motorcar:

As you may have heard, the world’s most expensive shunt occurred in Japan this week. All but one of the vehicles involved were classed as “super cars” worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Luckily, no-one was seriously hurt but still, imagine the insurance premium increases………….

Japanese super car pile up

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Weekly Motoring News 3rd December 2011

The festive season is finally here and we’ve got some real “crackers” this week for you (sorry). So, gear yourselves up for another round-up of the weeks more interesting motoring clips and stories from around the web……..

To kick us off, please take the time to watch this truly mesmerising video of the tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year. Taken from a drivers point of view, it’s a graphic and horrifying portrait of the power of nature and just how things can change in a matter of seconds.

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Weekly Motoring News 26th November 2011

Another fun filled week on the on the web and here are a few of the most interesting or crazy stories we’ve found for your enjoyment……

Two American muscle cars showing off on Thanksgiving – bet they wish the stayed home and had more turkey now! Sadly the two in the video were not on a racetrack or even good drivers

UK insurers a requesting that first time drivers have two types of licenses, First a partial license with many restrictions like night driving etc and a second test two years later. They say it could help reduce the number of young people who die on the roads each year in the UK. 18 people a day are killed or injured in road crashes involving drivers under 25 in Britain so something has to be done but it will be interesting to see whether this initiative takes off.



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Weekly Motoring News 20th November 2011

Week three of our weekly round up of some of the best stories from around the web. Hope you enjoying it so far 🙂

The law has been changed to help insulin treated diabetic drivers the chance to drive any vehicle the require, Until now, no one with insulin treated diabetes has been able to drive buses and lorries. There are some specific criteria that the driver still has to meet, but we’re sure this will come as good news to many.–motoring-advice/2011-11/diabetes/

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Weekly Motoring News 12th November 2011

Welcome back to our second edition of ‘Weekly Motoring News’. These are just some of the many stories that caught are our eye over the past week from the worldwide interweb. Hope you enjoy!


Absolutely fantastic news on the UK job front in the West Midlands as Jaguar Land rover create up to 1000 jobs. This represents a 25% increase in the Solihull based workforce.


Jaguar land rover


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Weekly Motoring News 5th November 2011

There are so many stories and news items published every day that it’s hard to keep up with everything sometimes. So, we thought we’d bring you some of our favorite and most informative stories from this weeks news:


The RAC brings us the disturbing news that almost 50% UK drivers suffer from repetitive driving injuries (RDIs) due to having a poor posture behind the wheel. Drivers are advised to choose the best car for “their driving style”. Not quite sure what this means, surely any driver’s seat can be adjusted to provide much better support in most circumstances. Read more here:


It’s not just us humans who enjoy being out and about on the open road as this story from the Metro explains. Just how happy does that dog look?


dog in sidecar with goggles on


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