Sell Your Car For Breaking

Sell Your Junk or Scrap Car For Breaking

Are you the owner of a broken or a damaged car that is only fit for Junk or scrap? If you’re unable to cover the cost of repair, and you’re having trouble trying to sell it, here at ®, we can help.

We aim to eliminate the difficulties involved in selling a damaged car or sending your car for scrap. We buy and collect cars from anywhere in the UK, and we’ll give you the cash you need to put towards buying a new one.Car Ready For Breaking
Sell your car for breaking and get cash for your junk car

If your car has been badly damaged or written off, it will be worth more in parts than it is as a whole. When the cost of repair is no longer financially viable, you can sell your junk car for breaking and recover some of the costs.

Selling your car for breaking with ® is a simple process; it’s designed to be convenient and completely hassle free. Provided that your vehicle is less than 10 years old, we will cover outstanding garage bills and finance agreements and take care of all necessary paperwork.

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