How It Works

Because selling your broken or damaged car can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for a quick sale, at Sell Your Problem Car ® we take the hassle out of the sale process, buying and collecting cars from anywhere in mainland UK within 48 hours. Secure, convenient and professional, our approach eliminates the difficulties and uncertainty and allows you to sell your car with no fuss.

If you’re already advertised privately, you might be wondering if it’s even possible to sell your car, with buyers showing no interest in your broken car and running costs, advertising and depreciation all serving to leave you out of pocket.

We have 16 collection centres around the UK so we come to YOU!

Even if you do get some interest in your vehicle, you then have the worry of receiving money from someone you don’t know. If, after months of trying to sell your car privately you car lays unsold in your driveway, Sell Your Problem Car ® are able to help you. Taking care of the large amount of paperwork required to sort out your outstanding financial agreement on your vehicle, here at SellYourProblemCar we make sure to guide you thought the whole process of selling your car from start to finish, making things as simple as possible.

At Sell Your Problem Car ® we realise that people need to sell their cars for a number of reasons, with personal circumstances such as a new job, relocation, repossession concerns or the need to raise funds quickly for another vehicle, to name just a few. Working to see that you’re kept fully informed and updated at Sell Your Problem Car ® we strive to ensure that you’re confident that your sale is being handled with care and security, completing the whole process in less than 48 hours, offering you the best trade price no matter what condition your vehicle is in.