How to be a greener driver

Global warming is something that affects all of us so it’s something that all of us should be actively trying to combat. Fuel emissions contribute significantly to global warming, and every year there are more and more cars on the roads. However, there are some ways in which you can make your daily commute a greener one…


Don’t use your car as storage

Is your boot full of stuff like gym equipment, kid’s toys, pushchairs etc that could be stored in your home instead? Are you still driving around with the roof rack or bike rack after your summer camping holiday? Too much junk in the trunk weighs your car down, causing it to use more fuel to move. Empty your boot and remove that bike rack off the back and you should hopefully start to notice better fuel economy while you’re driving. This is not only good for the environment but good for your pocket too!



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Keep your tyres in check

Under-inflated tyres have a greater surface area with the road and cause more friction whilst you’re driving, thus making your car work harder to keep going. Check your tyres regularly and ensure that they are inflated to the correct gauge. Optimum tyre pressure is different at different times of the year, can vary from front tyres to rear tyres, and is affected by the load you are carrying. Your car’s manual can help you to keep the tyres optimally inflated so that your car drives easier and greener.


Control your speed

Accelerating quickly, driving too fast, and braking too hard all use energy, i.e. fuel. Lose your need for speed and learn to drive a bit more conservatively if you want to lesson your carbon footprint. Accelerate slowly at traffic lights, letting the car build up natural inertia to power it forward, then maintain a steady and legal speed as the road allows. Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to stop at the lights to avoid harsh braking.



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Join a car share scheme

Many larger companies have a car share scheme in place whereby staff buddy up and drive into work together to reduce the number of cars on the road. In some workplaces those who take part in the car share scheme also get priority parking in the car park.


Leave the car at home sometimes

If you normally drive everywhere, even to the local shops to pick up milk, then try to walk instead wherever possible. Using your car less often not only reduces exhaust emissions that are released into the atmosphere, it also saves you money on fuel, and you’ll be getting some exercise too!