Car Engine Problems

Car Engine Problems Including Seized Engines & Engine Failure

“What Are The True Costs?”

One of the most costly repair jobs that you’re likely ever to be faced with, engine failure is often particularly bad news. Sometimes costing you more than the resale value of your car to replace or repair your engine, you might find that investing in a new engine simply isn’t worth your while.

With common engine faults resulting in overheating, the loss of power, misfiring, unusual engine noises and trouble starting, other general performance complaints are also indicators that your car might need immediate attention.

car engine with problems

Because heat and friction is fatal to your engine, it’s important to ensure that the engine lubrication and coolant mechanism is kept in full working order to save you from the astronomic costs of engine failure. The most severe engine problems are found when the engine becomes overheated due to the lack of oil or coolant which heats the engine bearings – if the bearings fail, the engine often seizes. When the bearings are worn out and fail, engines tend to emit a loud rattling or knocking sound as the slack in the metallic parts collide with each other.

On some models of car, oil pump failure is very common.

WARNING: Running with very low or no oil pressure, a vehicle with the red oil lamp symbol illuminated should stop and be investigated immediately.

Cam Belt & Timing Chain Problems

Cam belts or timing chains are required in all engines, used to turn the camshaft and open the valves in time with the crankshaft and pistons they facilitate combustion. Often, timing chains snap or slip, leading to a rotational conflict which damages the mechanical parts within the engine. Considerably expensive, these failures often require the replacement of an engine.

With a multitude of problems which lead to engine failure, many of them causing your car to stop dead. After sitting anxiously in the tow truck on the way to the service station, the severity of your engine trouble is realised, and a hefty bill is presented to you.

Is Your Engine Bill To Expensive?

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There are many types of car problems that can cost you dearly including:

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