Selling a Non Runner Car

Do you have a non running car taking up room in your garage?

Whether your car has been in an accident or has developed a major mechanical fault, if it is now a non runner then Sell Your Problem Car ® will pay you a fair price to take it off your hands!

Selling a non runner through the usual channels can be difficult; it’s quite a niche selection of people who are in the market for a damaged car! However, before you call in that tow truck and turn your non-running car over to the scrap yard, give us a call on 0207 458 4457 or click for a free online quote.

A non runner car being sold

Your scrap is our gold!

No matter what state your car is in, from mechanical failure to complete write-off, if it’s within ten years old or registered after 2008 we’ll happily accept it.

Selling a non runner to us is incredibly convenient and hassle-free:

  1. Enter your vehicle registration in the box at the top of the page
  2. You’ll receive a free, no obligation quote
  3. If you’re happy with it, we’ll transfer the money straight over to you
  4. We’ll arrange to collect your non runner within 48 hours

It really is as simple as that, so what are you waiting for? Get a FREE scrap car quote today!