Car Problems

Car Problems – What To Do When Facing Expensive Garage Repair Bills?

Car Problems affect most of us at one time or another during our driving lifetimes, engine trouble can be extremely expensive to have repaired – sometimes exceeding the value of our cars, running into thousands of pounds.

With engine parts often very expensive, even the cheapest garage may land you with a bill in excess of £120 + VAT per hour – and that’s only to cover the labour!


Some of the car problems that have the potential to cost you dearly include:

With our professional organisation at ® we’re on hand with all the necessary equipment to collect any damaged or non-running vehicles within 48 hours. Utilising secure online payment, we pay immediately straight to your bank account just as soon as the price is agreed, before the car is collected from your specified address. Communicating with your garage, we’re able to sort out those outstanding garage bills or storage charges in no time at all.

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