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Here at Sell Your Problem Car, we specialise in buying cars under 12 years old with mechanical faults and/or accident damage. We can make offers on cars with mechanical faults such as seized engines, broken timing chains, turbo failure, DPF faults, gearbox issues and more. We also make offers on cars that have accident damage, whether it be Category N, S, B or totally unrecorded. We buy vans too!

Our aim is to make selling a problem car as straightforward and easy
as possible. Free collection, no inspections, no hidden fees. We get
you paid before we collect your vehicle, and we can handle all the
paperwork associated with selling your car. We can collect cars
directly from garages/dealerships/workshops.

We have been buying problem cars since 2010, and since then our friendly team have been able to help thousands of customers move on from broken car. We are delighted to have over 2000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Sean, Ellie and Harvey are always happy to answer any question you may have.

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At Sell Your Problem Car ® we offer a simple, safe, reliable and convenient way to sell a damaged car quickly and at a fair price.

If you’ve ever tried to sell a broken car privately you’ll know that it can be very difficult to drum up any interest. You could end up with your damaged vehicle taking up space on your driveway, rusting and losing its value for months on end.

If you’re already advertised privately, you might be wondering if it’s even possible to sell your car, with buyers showing no interest in your broken car and running costs, advertising and depreciation all serving to leave you out of pocket.

Even if you do get some interest in your vehicle, you then have the worry of receiving money from someone you don’t know. If, after months of trying to sell your car privately you car lays unsold in your driveway, Sell Your Problem Car ® are able to help you.

At Sell Your Problem Car ® we realise that people need to sell their cars for a number of reasons.

With personal circumstances such as a new job, relocation, repossession concerns or the need to raise funds quickly for another vehicle, to name just a few.

For a quotation, simply complete our online Request a Car Quote form.

We Pay You Instantly!

We understand how inconvenient and stressful it can be if your vehicle breaks down. You’ll want to sell your broken car and start looking for a new car as quickly as possible.

We won’t leave you waiting around. We’ll pay you straight away before we’ve even picked up your car. You could have the funds for selling your damaged car cleared in your bank account in less than an hour, so what’re you waiting for?

Here at SellYourProblemCar we make sure to guide you through the whole process of selling your car from start to finish, making things as simple as possible.

We will offer you a fair price for your car based on current market conditions. In most cases, we can purchase and collect your car within 48 hours of you contacting us.

Working to see that you’re kept fully informed and updated at Sell Your Problem Car ® we strive to ensure that you’re confident that your sale is being handled with care and security.

Secure, convenient and professional, our approach eliminates the difficulties and uncertainty and allows you to sell your car with no fuss.

For an instant response, call freephone on 0207 458 4457 or 0787 945 6332 – remember, you can also drop us an email at

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We take a great deal of pride in our business and when we say you’ll have your cash we have quoted for your car, we make sure you have it. In nearly all cases our funds will be in your bank account before our collection driver has left.

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