Fuel Pump Problems

Do you have a Fuel Pump or Fuel Injector Problem?

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The fuel pump (also known as the fuel injector) is a vital component of the modern car engine. Electric, fuel pumps are often found in the fuel tank (although some vehicles use two pumps; one in the fuel tank and one on the driver’s-side frame rail) and pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine or fuel injection system.

How a fuel Injector works

The in-tank, two fuel pump system, the pump sends fuel under a low pressure to the pump located on the frame rail which in turn increase the fuel pressure to the required fuel injector pressure.

Fuel Pump with a problem

Often a real issue in the modern, high-tech diesel cars that have been manufactured in the past few years, diesel fuel injector replacements can cost several hundred pounds to replace, with one required for each cylinder. Seizing in the cylinder head, these diesel fuel injectors are virtually impossible to remove on some engines.

WARNING: Oil leaks lead to very low levels of oil, causing overheating and eventual seizure of the fuel pump, which eventually causes component failure.

An important component of your car, fuel pump problems are sure to impact negatively on the performance of your car. If the pressure is low, your car will be prevented from starting will quit while running, if the pressure is normal but the volume is inadequate, the engine will work but other problems like power loss or an inadequate supply of fuel to the engine may arise.

Empty Fuel Gauge

Expensive Quotes from Garages

With most garages costing a few hundred pounds for a quote, first having to strip down the engine to inspect the issue, you might be looking at a very expensive bill if your car does have injector or fuel pump problems. Settling those garage costs and finance issues on cars less than 10 years old, let sellyourproblemcar.com ® help you save.

Other car problems that could cost you dearly include:

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