Transfer Box Problems

Transfer case / IRD problems

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Known as a ‘transfer gearcase’, a ‘transfer gearbox’, an ‘IRD unit or ‘transfer case’, the transfer box is found in all four wheel drive vehicles. Connected to the transmission and the front and rear axles by the drive shafts the transfer box powers both axles of a vehicle though two separate driveshafts.

Transfer box with some problems

If in need of a replacement, your transfer box will emit a clonking or grinding noise when you put your foot on or off the accelerator, turn corners – particularly in reverse. Expensive to repair, a broken transfer box sees the drive being lost to all wheels of your vehicle.

Sealed VCU Problems

A sealed unit, the VCU is located half way along the prop shaft and contains a viscous fluid. Difficult to check due to its sealed nature, if the viscous fluid is not routinely changed, the transfer box may become damaged. Becoming thick, the viscous fluid in the VCU means that the prop shaft can no longer rotate at the required speeds, which in turn puts strain on the drive train, damaging it.

WARNING: It’s recommended that you change the VCU approximately every 70,000 miles.

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There are many types of car problems that can cost you dearly including:

BMW Transfer Case Fluid Flush Drain and Fill, DIY Replacing Transfer Case Fluid

This video demonstrates and explains how to replace the tranfer case fluid on a BMW all wheel drive system. The video was performed on a BMW X3 E83 other cars may be slightly different.

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