Turbo Charger Problems

Have you got Turbo Charger problems?

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Working using exhaust gas energy to power a turbine within a compressor unit, turbo charger units are fitted to most modern diesel cars, as well as a number of petrol models. Charging the induction side of the engine, turbo chargers boost the inlet air pressure which results in a more powerful combustion and increased power output.
Broekn Turbo
Due to the oil ways often becoming blocked and causing overheating complications, turbo chargers are prone to fail. With the bearing inside the turbo shaft overheating and failing, the engine oil then bypasses the turbo intercooler via the worn bearings which then contaminates the whole induction system.

Should I replace my broken turbo?

If you’re faced with the prospect of replacing your turbocharger, you should be aware that there are often many addition hidden costs which also enter the equation. Cooling the hot turbo pressured air before induction turbocharger intercoolers are fitted to most turbo cars and should be replaced – along with the induction pipes – when fitting a new turbo.

You could face a number of expensive repair bills if your car is suffering from problems relating to your turbo charger.

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