How to be a better driver

There are a variety of different types of driver on our roads today: new drivers; those who passed their test decades ago; those who don’t enjoy it but must get from A to B; those who enjoy driving; and those who drive for a living. Everyone is trying to get to where they need to go, but we’re all going at a different pace according to our confidence and ability. However, no matter what your driving skills are like, there’s always room for improvement in becoming a better driver… Continue reading

5 driving resolutions you should be making in 2015

With just two weeks left of 2014, many of us will be looking back over the last year and wondering what we can do differently in 2015. If keeping fit, losing weight, and drinking less are your usual go-to resolutions each year then why not make 2015 the year that you make some resolutions you can actually stick to? Here are five resolutions that can help you to be a better, safer driver in 2015… Continue reading

Driverless Vehicles: The future of driving?

Driver error is the most common cause of road traffic accidents; and with the number of cars on the road ever increasing this is likely to remain the case. Distractions like mobile phones, sat nav, and the kids whinging in the back seat mean that drivers are never fully concentrating on the road as they should. If drivers aren’t going to concentrate on the road, then who is? Autonomous cars, that’s who. Continue reading

Drive safe during the festive season: part 2

In part one we began to look at some of the ways in which you can keep yourself and other road users safe during the cold winter months and the festive season. Driving at night is never fun, but we gave you several tips to help you to feel safer and more confident on journeys after dark. The festive season often means busier roads and more congestion than usual; we gave you a few helpful tips to avoid road rage and get to your destination safely. Continue reading