5 driving resolutions you should be making in 2015

With just two weeks left of 2014, many of us will be looking back over the last year and wondering what we can do differently in 2015. If keeping fit, losing weight, and drinking less are your usual go-to resolutions each year then why not make 2015 the year that you make some resolutions you can actually stick to? Here are five resolutions that can help you to be a better, safer driver in 2015…


Get your car serviced regularly

Having your car serviced is something that you know you should do, but as it’s not a legal requirement many people don’t bother. Even the most basic service will check things like engine oil and filters, windscreen washer fluid, coolant levels, all lights, tyre pressure, and electrics, replacing, cleaning and topping things up where necessary to ensure the safe and efficient running of your vehicle. Make 2015 the year that you treat your car to the service it deserves!



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Carry out regular maintenance checks

In addition to having your car serviced a couple of times a year you should also be carrying out maintenance checks each week. Spend ten minutes on a Saturday checking the tyres, fluid levels, and windscreen wipers etc and make it a habit. Keeping a close eye on your car and making adjustments when they’re needed could help to reduce the likelihood of your car breaking down, and save you money on repairs.



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Keep your car clean

How many times have you reached for the chamois to clear the windscreen only to find it buried under empty food wrappers that you’ve absentmindedly stuffed in the door compartment? Make 2015 the year that you invest more time into cleaning your car on the inside and outside. Keep your car free of rubbish, and take to it with the vacuum cleaner every couple of weeks. Your daily commute will be much more enjoyable in a clean, fresh-smelling car.


Understand your insurance policy

We’ve all got busy lives and it’s hard enough finding time to do the things we need to do, never mind finding time to read the small print on every policy we take out and everything we sign up for. But perhaps your car insurance policy should be one of the exceptions… Do you really know what you’re covered for? If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that was your fault, will your insurance pay out or will you be left high and dry? Make 2015 the year that you get to grips with your insurance policy so that you can ensure you’re always covered behind the wheel.



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Improve your patience

Does it make you angry when someone cuts you up on the roundabout? Do you get irate in slow-moving traffic? If you suffer from road rage then the new year is a great time to improve your patience and become a calmer, more tolerant driver. It’s important to remember that other drivers aren’t just there for your annoyance; they’re also trying to get from A to B. Make sure you are in a comfortable driving position, allow yourself plenty of time to make your journey, and be courteous to other roads users. Remember – we all make mistakes, but honking your horn and getting worked up won’t change the fact that you were cut up; it’ll only serve to make you angry and frustrated, and make the other driver upset and embarrassed.