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Are you the owner of a salvage car or a car that’s been badly damaged and written off by your insurance provider? Are you looking to sell this car for Scrap or are unsure of the next steps to take?

Salvage Car

You might have considered selling your car, but most buyers are wary of buying salvage cars. It can be difficult for insurers to put a value on salvage cars, and getting a fair price can be difficult.

With the resale value of your car drastically reduced, you might find yourself unable to cover the cost of buying a new car even if you do manage to sell your salvage car.

Get back on the roads with ®.

Don’t waste any more time trying to sell your salvage car. We’ll give you the cash you need to arrange for the purchase of your next vehicle. We make things simple; we cover those garage bills and take care of all outstanding financial agreements on your vehicle.

We’ll even come and collect it. We have 20 main collection sites dotted around the UK, so wherever you are we’ll guarantee collection within 48 hours.

Find out why we’re one of the UK’s leading buyer of salvage cars. Contact us today on 0136 638 7967 or 0787 945 6332 for an instant quote or enter your registration number.

Find out more about selling your car for breaking and get in touch. We guarantee that you’ll receive the best price for your damage car.