Category C Cars

Selling your Category C Car

What does Category C mean?

A Category C label means that a vehicle has been extensively damaged and declared a write off.

If you’re the owner of a Category C marked car, it means that your insurance company has declared your vehicle unfit for use on the road until all necessary repairs have been made.

Cat C Car

What’s the problem?

The cost of the repairs that are necessary often exceed the value of the car itself, and if you can’t afford the cost of the repairs, you could find yourself in trouble. You might also consider selling your car, but there are very few people in the market for Category C damaged vehicles – and with the risks involved in purchasing Cat C, most potential buyers are discouraged from buying them.

Even if a sale is agreed, you’ll receive a figure that’s drastically less than what the car’s resale price should have been, and you could still find yourself unable to afford the cost of a replacement vehicle. If you can afford to cover the cost of the repairs, you’ll also need to arrange for a Vehicle Identity Check with the DVLA to make certain your vehicles road worthiness. All this can take a lot of time.

How can we help?

Can’t find a buyer? Can’t afford the cost of repairs? We can help you get rid of your Cat C damaged car quickly and easily. We will pay you in cash for your damaged cat C car, giving you the money you need to purchase a replacement vehicle. We made things easy, collecting vehicles within 48 hours of the quote being agreed.

We also cover any outstanding garage bills and finance deals, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Enter your registration number and we’ll come back to you with a quote. You can also call on 0136 638 7967 or 0787 945 6332 and speak to us personally.