Sell Scrap Car for Cash

Are you looking to ditch that rust-bucket and get a new car?

If your car has seen better days you’ll no doubt be keen to replace it with a new, more reliable model. However, before you can start shopping around for your dream car, there’s the small matter of disposing of your old scrap car.

Scrap cars sold for cash

Sure, you could advertise in the local newspapers and online in the hope that someone out there wants to buy that hunk of junk that’s cluttering up your driveway. But the quickest and easiest option is to give us a call here at Sell Your Problem Car ®!

Got a scrap car less than 10 years old? Give us a call!

If you need to sell a scrap car for cash we’ll offer you a fair price for your pre-loved vehicle. We won’t beat around the bush or keep you hanging on; we’ll give you an instant quote and you could have the money in your account within an hour!

When it comes to scrap car value, we outshine the competition. We offer the best scrap car prices as we understand that you’ll be using that money to go towards your new car.

As easy as 123…

  1. Get your free quote
  2. We’ll transfer the money over to you straight away
  3. We’ll arrange to collect your car within 48 hours; simple!