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Geneva Motor Show 2013 opens for business

One of the year’s most important events on the motoring calendar, this year’s Geneva Motor Show gets underway from the 5th March.

Highlights from the show will undoubtedly be the unveiling of McLaren’s full production version of the P1 – a car we’ve been looking forward to since its debut at the 2012 Paris Car Show.

All the P1’s specs and details will be released, so you’ll be able to make up your own mind whether or not it’s worth the cool $1.3 million asking price. McLaren have also decided to ‘maintain exclusivity’ with a limited production run of only 375 models, so good luck getting your hands on one!

Also at the show…

Other cars making their world premiers include the Alpha 4C, Alpha Romeo’s new sports roasters, Rolls-Royce’s Wraith coupe, and the hotly anticipated Flying Spur from Bentley, whose ‘sneak peak’ photos from earlier in the year we eagerly blogged about.

Kia have also released the first pictures of their new concept car, the ‘Provo’, ahead of the show. They’ve called the Provo their ‘road-legal racer’, and you can see what they mean judging by the picture…

Said to be a sporty, performance version of the Mini , the Provo contains an interesting hybrid power system, with a 1.6-litre petrol engine and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels. It’s bound to turn a few heads at the show, but will there be a production version hitting the roads any time soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Ferrari’s F150

We’re also looking forward to Ferrari’s F150. Very little about the Ferrari’s new Enzo replacement has come to light, so we’re not quite sure what to expect. What we do know however, is that it’s said to be powered by a powerful HY-KERS hybrid drive system – the same V12 engine as the Ferrari F12.

With a rumoured $1.6 million price tag, the F150 is placed in direct competition with McLaren’s P1, and the two are set to fight it out at the show for the top spot in the latest ‘hypercar’ releases.

A show stopper?

But could Lamborghini prove the biggest surprise this year? The Italian car manufacturers are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and the ‘Veneno’ (which means ‘poison’ in Spanish) is tipped to be Lamborghini’s ‘secret unveiling’ at this year’s show. It’s already generated its fair share of rumour and speculation. Certainly one to watch out for…