Weekly Motoring News 10th December 2011

Welcome to another weekly round up of some of the more bizarre, but also informative, from the wonderful world of the motorcar:

As you may have heard, the world’s most expensive shunt occurred in Japan this week. All but one of the vehicles involved were classed as “super cars” worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Luckily, no-one was seriously hurt but still, imagine the insurance premium increases………….

Japanese super car pile up


A couple of unique taxis are currently in use in Mexico’s capital Guadalajara. They’d be useless on the congested streets of our capital city but hey, well worth the long taxi queue, eh?


This is an absolutely stunning bit of driving, Not so much by the camera car but from the Lotus driver who has a very near miss with two very underpowered competitors who are battling amongst themselves. Gulp.



This Remote control car would be at the top of are Christmas wish list at webuyanydamagedcar.com. A mini super car beater and at a very reasonable price too. Hours of fun to be had by the, er, kids…….



A few more timely tips for driving in the snow, After the horrible weather in Scotland this week, it is only a matter of time before the winter driving period is upon us. So the best prepared we are the safer we will be:



Car and Driver go through every new vehicle on sale and pick the ten best cars available here in the United States. How different to the UK?



And Finally:

Really, what did this women expect!! She bought a hearse for goodness sake!



Till next week! Take care in the snow and the frost and the ice in the meantime.