Weekly Motoring News 3rd December 2011

The festive season is finally here and we’ve got some real “crackers” this week for you (sorry). So, gear yourselves up for another round-up of the weeks more interesting motoring clips and stories from around the web……..

To kick us off, please take the time to watch this truly mesmerising video of the tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year. Taken from a drivers point of view, it’s a graphic and horrifying portrait of the power of nature and just how things can change in a matter of seconds.

Top Gears guide to racing – I wonder if the Stig came up through this technique?



A Brazilian motorbike stunt show doesn’t quite go to plan……



Chancellor George Osborne has axed the planned 3p rise in fuel duty in January – yay!



The BEST ever advert on eBay. A genius of a salesman. Be sure to check out the questions and answers.




The Giveacar charity has raised over 500 thousand pounds – what a tremendous effort from all concerned.



Following last weeks story involving the two corvette drivers, it looks like the local police maybe taking a interest in the video now and I am sure the insurance companies won’t be too far behind.



Hope you enjoyed our picks of the week – don’t all go rushing to bid on the eBay car now……:-)