Weekly Motoring News 26th November 2011

Another fun filled week on the on the web and here are a few of the most interesting or crazy stories we’ve found for your enjoyment……

Two American muscle cars showing off on Thanksgiving – bet they wish the stayed home and had more turkey now! Sadly the two in the video were not on a racetrack or even good drivers



UK insurers a requesting that first time drivers have two types of licenses, First a partial license with many restrictions like night driving etc and a second test two years later. They say it could help reduce the number of young people who die on the roads each year in the UK. 18 people a day are killed or injured in road crashes involving drivers under 25 in Britain so something has to be done but it will be interesting to see whether this initiative takes off.





Everyone remember Haynes manuals?? Well now they are on-line! I don’t know how the kindle will cope with all the oily hands






There are more than one BILLION cars on the road worldwide and there were 35 million sold last year alone. That’s a lot of cars and we can only see the number growing every single year.



Car insurance premiums in the United Kingdom are continuing to rise. Scarily, the average comprehensive insurance policy taken out this year has gone up by an average of 12.3% and we have heard many stories of the cost increasing even for those with a great no claims record.



Here are a few more useful tips for some more safe driving in the up and coming winter

icy roads winter driving



More driving news next week!