Weekly Motoring News 20th November 2011

Week three of our weekly round up of some of the best stories from around the web. Hope you enjoying it so far 🙂

The law has been changed to help insulin treated diabetic drivers the chance to drive any vehicle the require, Until now, no one with insulin treated diabetes has been able to drive buses and lorries. There are some specific criteria that the driver still has to meet, but we’re sure this will come as good news to many.



The BMA has set out compelling scientific evidence supporting a total ban on smoking in private vehicles. An estimated 4,000 adults and 23 children die each year as a result of second-hand (or passive) smoke in the UK, with worldwide figures running into the hundreds of thousands. Smoking can also be a road-safety risk and distract drivers but is this a step too far?

banning smoking in private cars


Google may turn one of their more crazy ideas (the driverless cars that it unleashed on California’s roads last year) into a new business. Let’s see how these cars cope with Swindon’s magic roundabouts should they ever be introduced to the UK…….

google driver less cars


A funny little clip of a Ferrari 250 gt quite literary sweeping people of there feet!

Ferrari 250 GT



The legendary Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street are the latest to be added to the long list of famous TOM TOM Sat Nav voices – a genius move.


Finally, some winter driving advice from Jonest John and the Institute of Advanced Drivers. Helpful advice for when the snow comes to the UK.

Car with snow on it



More news from the wild and wacky world of motoring next week!