Weekly Motoring News 5th November 2011

There are so many stories and news items published every day that it’s hard to keep up with everything sometimes. So, we thought we’d bring you some of our favorite and most informative stories from this weeks news:


The RAC brings us the disturbing news that almost 50% UK drivers suffer from repetitive driving injuries (RDIs) due to having a poor posture behind the wheel. Drivers are advised to choose the best car for “their driving style”. Not quite sure what this means, surely any driver’s seat can be adjusted to provide much better support in most circumstances. Read more here:



It’s not just us humans who enjoy being out and about on the open road as this story from the Metro explains. Just how happy does that dog look?



dog in sidecar with goggles on


An article from the Scotsman states that 1 in 7 UK drivers admits to having road rage, particularly on journeys during rush hour on the most congested routes. Although, I can’t say this is a huge surprise, it’s still quite shocking news.



Following on from the RAC story about how your car can cause you injury, we hear that manufacturers are thinking about altering their models to accommodate the obese.



fat man in car with hamburger


Motorists in Luton, Bedfordshire, have been warned to be on the lookout for a vandal or vandals that are on the prowl and slashing car tyres during the midnight hours. Police have teams out and about on patrol but the incidents continue.


Hope you enjoyed our round up – more next week!