Sell your damaged car in easy steps

We’ve covered a number of blogs about common faults found on specific makes of cars at Sell Your Problem Car ® and we have decided to give you extra support if you are experiencing problems with your vehicle. Our service is designed to be a customer-friendly as possible so we’ve written this guide to make it as easy as possible for you to get rid of your broken down car.

  • Get the car to a secure place: If the vehicle breaks down at the side of the road try to get it recovered as soon as you can. If you are a member of a breakdown association call them out, they’ll try to fix the vehicle at the roadside or if the fault is major, they’ll offer a relay service to take your car to a garage or your home address.
  • Get a quote for the work: See how much the repair is going cost, if the price is way above your budget or the car simply isn’t worth spending that type of money on, get in touch with our service.
  • Use our ‘Request a Quote’ form: Fill in our simple-to-use quote form and provide us with your details and the make, model and mileage of your car. Mention the fuel type, confirm the registration and ensure the car is under 10 years old. Give us an idea of the extent of the damage so we can give you the best quote for your car.
  • Email or call us: If you prefer an instant response why not call us instead? Speak to somebody in person and we’ll get the wheels moving right away.
  • Accept the quote: Our quotes are the best in the business and it’s the fastest way to get rid of your car, just accept our offer via email.
  • Have the money transferred: We can transfer cash straight into your account for the amount agreed.
  • Say goodbye to the car: We’ll collect your car the next day and you can start thinking about ways you are going to spend the money… Simple!