5 reasons you should sell your damaged car to us

It’s hard enough trying to sell a car in perfect working order, never mind if the vehicle is plagued with faults. We know how difficult it can be to get rid of an unwanted car at Sell Your Problem Car ® so we decided to write this blog to outline the positives of our service.

  • You save money on advertising: Weigh up the cost of advertising your car in local papers, trade magazines or online sites. Bet your bottom dollar there’ll be fees involved at some stage of the process. You won’t find that at Sell Your Problem Car ®, all we do is give you a fair price for the vehicle and you don’t have to stump up any cash in advance.
  • You don’t have to deal with time wasters: One of the biggest pains of selling a car private is dealing with people that seem to want to make it their mission to waste as much of your time as possible. They’ll ring you to arrange viewings but never turn up on time, or if they do arrive at your home they’ll simply kick the tyres and walk away. Our service is fast, we won’t waste your time, give us a try and we’ll buy your car straight away.
  • You get a great price: People will try to knock you down on price when you sell your car privately. They’ll be cheeky, try their luck and test your patience, you’ll feel like you are giving your car away at times. We take a different approach at Sell Your Problem Car ®. Our offer gives you the true market value of the vehicle based on its condition.
  • It saves time: How long will you have to wait if you advertise your car privately? Our service is designed to get rid of your car in less than 48 hours. Don’t hang around, give us a call and we’ll soon take that car off your hands.
  • It removes a headache: The longer you are stuck with a car the more the headache builds. Find a fix for this by using our service, we’ll take any unwanted car as long as it’s under 10 years old.