Mazda major issues

In this blog we’re going to look at common problems with Mazdas, in particular the 6 series and what types of issues they have had since their launch.

Age is important if you buy a Mazda 6

Most of the problems with Mazda 6’s seem to stem from the slightly earlier pre-facelift models and the diesels seemed to be the worst. So this is where we focused the research and found three major issues that would cost a fair amount of money to fix.

  1. Turbos: Early Mazda 6’s have been known to blow their turbos and as you know, this isn’t going to be a cheap fix. Most drivers would be tempted to scrap an older Mazda if the turbo had blown but before you do that, get in touch with us and see the difference we can make to the price. If you do get a turbo failure on your Mazda weigh up the cost of fixing the car and compare that to the price we’ll give you for the vehicle.
  2. Clutches: Older Mazda 6’s tended to suffer from frail clutches and in a high proportion of cases they needed to have a new dual-mass flywheel changed at the same time. Could you afford that level of repair if your Mazda developed such a major problem or would you rather cut your losses and get another car? We will buy your broken down car no matter how bad the mechanical damage is.
  3. DPF: The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is another issue that can be fatal to a Mazda 6. If the DPF stops regenerating it can result in low oil pressure and the car will either go into limp home mode or the engine will go bang! The DPF was updated on later models so if you have a slightly older version it’s a cause for concern. Try not to panic if your engine fails though. We give top prices for Mazdas and are always by the phone.