Maserati mess-ups

Continuing with our ‘common faults’ blogs we have picked the Maserati marque this time around. Maseratis are beautiful cars to look at but they are also known to have a few faults so it just goes to show, even the most expensive cars can let you down from time to time. Let’s look at the problems that are associated with these cars. Remember, if you own a Maserati and it’s having major issues we are simply a phone call away at Sell Your Problem Car ®!

  • In 2009 the Maserati Gran Turismo was recalled due to electrical system failure. The instrument panel was the main problem but there have been other niggles with the car. Steering linkages tie rod assemblies and issues with the rear lighting system have resulted in the vehicle being recalled. We love Maseratis though, especially the Gran Turismo, so whatever the problem is remember to give us a call.
  • In 2005 the Maserati Coupe was recalled due to faults with the fuel lines. It would seem the issue stemmed from the fuel line delivery and the hoses and pipes that were part of the system were at fault. If you have any fuel-related niggles with your Maserati and are facing an expensive repair bill why not speak to us first?
  • Also in 2005 a large quantity of Maserati Quattroportes were recalled due to problems with their front suspension. The upper and lower ball joint nuts weren’t torqued correctly and this could result in the nuts on the ball joint jarring loose at some point and potentially freeing the suspension arm. Hopefully your car had this problem fixed at the time, but if you bought the car second hand you’ll never know for sure. Still, at least you’ll get an honest price for the Maserati if you contact us about the problem vehicle.