Common faults to look for with a Dacia Duster

One of our earlier blogs looked at potential problems to look for when you drive an Alfa 156 so we thought we’d continue in a similar fashion at Sell Your Problem Car ® with a sneak peak at issues that are known to affect the Dacia Duster. We’ve trawled car forums, read reviews from real owners and found a few niggles you should look for. If your car is suffering from something major, try to stay calm, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a great quote for the vehicle.

  • Bad tracking and alignment: Rather worryingly a few owners of the Duster have reported their car’s pulling to the left. There seems to be a problem with the rear axle and it would appear the car suffers from poor tracking which isn’t great news. We’re not bothered about this problem though, we’ll still give you a great price for the car.
  • Catalytic convertor faults: A number of owners have experienced cat failure with their Dusters which usually starts with a warning light in the dash. A new cat isn’t cheap but it’s essential to reduce the exhaust gases from the engine, if your Duster’s exhaust system is a problem and you simply want shut of the car, give us a call and we’ll set the wheels in motion.
  • ECU faults: Even more worrying is a fault on the engine management system, owners get a warning light on the dashboard and the car goes into limp home mode. The car displays a number of error codes and according to owner’s forums dealers are at a loss as to what’s causing the problem. Does your Duster act this this? If so, maybe it’s time to get rid of the car so speak to one of our team at Sell Your Problem Car ®.