Common faults to look for if you drive an Alfa Romeo 156

There are some makes and models of cars that are renowned for reliability issues and sadly, if you own an Alfa there’s a good chance your little slice of Italian pedigree will let you down at some point in the future. Don’t worry though, we’ll give you the best price possible for your car and if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your Alfa 156 we’d love to take the car off your hands.

  • Cambelt: Originally the service schedule from Alfa Romeo advised the cam belt on a 156 should be replaced at 70, 000 miles. This has since change to 36, 000 miles so if your car has gone over that figure think about getting the belt, tensioners and variator replaced as soon as you can or could be facing a monster repair bill. If the belt snaps that’s the engine gone, don’t worry though, we’ll still buy a non-running car.
  • Electrics: Another niggle on Alfas nearing their 10th birthday, owners have reported intermittent faults with the electrics on Alfas and that can include faults with the wipers. If the electrics are playing up with your Alfa and you simply haven’t got the time or the money to spend fixing the problem gives us a call, we’d love to help.
  • Front wishbone suspension: Squeaking from the front suspension is normally a sign that all is not well with the car. It transpires the upper front wishbone bushes are the main culprits and the noise becomes more noticeable when you drive over speed bumps. The chances are you’ll have to get the parts replaced or you can simply sell the car to us as it is and walk away with the cash. That’s the good thing about our service, we’ll buy any problem car and with Alfa’s track record for reliability that could be sooner rather than later!