What Are The Signs of a Flood Damaged Car?

A flood damaged car is a car with problems that are waiting to happen. For instance, rust can start overnight but take years to actually start showing through the paint and electrical problems are intermittent and may not first appear for weeks or even months after the damage.

Most experts recommend avoiding flood damaged cars completely. But how can you recognize that a car has been in a flood? After all, most sellers are not going to advertise that information. Here are a few tips to help you avoid purchasing a car that’s been through a flood.

1. Smell – Give the car a good whiff when you get in. If there’s an odour of mildew, you probably don’t want to buy the car. It takes a long, long time to dry out car seats, giving the cushions plenty of time to start growing dangerous mold and mildew.

2. Check unusual places for moisture and dirt – Look in the overhead lights for signs of dirt or beads of moisture. Other places to check for signs of previous water damage include the glove box and boot. If these areas seem damp or gritty, beware of flood damage.

3. Interior pieces that have been replaced – Most people don’t go out and buy new seats for used cars. If something seems off, if the fading on the seats doesn’t match the fading on the carpet or other components seem to be replaced, ask questions about why. The answer might be that the car has seen a little too much water.

4. Trust your mechanic – Ask your mechanic to look the car over. They know what the signs are of a flood damaged car and will inspect the vehicle for you.

5. Test drive it – When driving, check every electrical component you can. Turn on the fog lights, check the dash lights, and flip on every interior light you can find. Work the radio and all the other components to make sure they are functioning.

If you suspect that the car has been involved in a flood, do not buy it. Regardless of how great a deal it might seem, any savings will quickly be lost when the damage starts to appear. Flooded cars are nothing more than multiple problems just waiting to show up so don’t take a chance on buying one, and don’t think you can sell one so easily either.

If you have a car that’s been the subject of flood damage, please contact us today.