Car Manufacturers recall Volvo S60 and Lexus RX350

This year two popular cars, the S60 Volvo and the Lexus RX350, are being recalled. The Volvo recall will affect the units sold between May of 2006 and May of 2007. This will include over 8.000 cars. The cars are being recalled because there have been problems in which drivers lose control of their vehicle’s steering. The power steering reservoir hoses in the S60 are not routed correctly. This may create an increase in pressure and a loss of power steering fluid, which could lead to a car crash. Volvo has stated that they will examine all of the cars that are recalled and will replace the power steering reservoir hoses for free.

Meanwhile Toyota has also been having problems. The 2011 Lexus RX350 has only been released recently but 32 units are already being recalled. This is apparently because of a calibration error in the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM). If the Vehicle Stability Control is engaged the right front wheel may not work properly, which could lead to a crash. These recalled cars will also be inspected and the VDIM will be replaced free of charge as well. Both automakers will be recalling their cars sometime in August of 2011.