Improve your MPG with our top 6 hypermiling tips

Hypermiling refers to a number of driving techniques that can be employed to improve your car’s fuel efficiency – and in the last few years, its popularity amongst Britain’s drivers has greatly increased.

So what are these money-saving driving techniques?

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to boost your MPG.

1. Plan your route
It seems pretty obvious: the fewer miles you drive, the less petrol you use.

But picking the shortest route isn’t the best way to hypermile.

Since hypermiling is all about smooth driving, a slightly longer route that’s obstruction free will probably result in a much better MPG, so it’s important to plan your route very carefully.

2. Drive smoothly

If you push down hard on the accelerator, you send more fuel into the engine, the engine runs faster and your speed is increased.
But do you really need this speed injection?

Remember that hypermiling involves adopting a smooth driving approach, and accelerating gently (and quickly taking your foot off the accelerator when you see that you’re going to have to come to a stop) will use much less fuel.

3. Turn off the air-con

You’re probably already aware that having the air conditioning on can decrease your MPG – but did you know that it can increase your normal fuel consumption by up to 10%?

4. Get rid of excess weight

The heavier your car, the harder your car’s engine has to work to get you from A to B – and the harder it has to work, the worse your fuel consumption is going to be.

Take a look in the boot. Is there anything there you could get rid of to lighten the load?

5. Turn off the engine

If you find yourself stuck in traffic, or if you anticipate being help up at the lights for more than 10 or so seconds, consider turning off the engine entirely.
You might not be moving, but idling still consumes fuel.

6. Avoid driving

The ultimate hypermiling technique: not driving at all!
We all have our habits and our preferences, but the next time you think about turning the ignition, think about whether another mode of transport is available to you.

Could you walk instead? Or is cycling an option?

You’ll save money, and you might start feeling a little healthier too!