In the news this week…

In the news this week…

Porsche pay Facebook tribute

Porsche have celebrated reaching 5 million Facebook followers by granting their fans the chance to collectively design a new Porsche 911.

Offering up a whole range of different spec options, the German car giant took the latest 991-series 911 Carrera 4S and let the fans decide what to put inside it, with the most popular options being chosen.

With Facebook-style metallic blue paintwork, the Porsche features a sporty white centre stripe running up the bonnet and sill guards emblazoned with the words ‘personally built by 5 million Porsche fans’.
So what did the fans pick?

Well, they opted for the Aerokit Cup for a lower front bumper and more pronounced fixed rear wing, and the white, sporty 20-inch Carrera S wheels. And underneath, the fan-built car features the Porsche Sport Chrono package and a sports exhaust.

Pretty powerful stuff.

It looks like Porsche are really following their social media closely. This marks the third occasion that Porsche have created a customised car to celebrate their online following.

In 2012, to mark their 2 million followers, they created a one-off Porche Cayman S which featured pictures of their Facebook fans, and in 2011 they ran a Thank You campaign, incorporating the names of their 1 million fans into the white and purple bodywork of a GT3 R Hybrid.

Teasers of Subari BRZ STI leaked

It’s been a long and quiet wait, but the Subaru BRZ STi has finally been confirmed after it was announced a few years earlier.

Well, sort of.

Subaru have released a few teaser images of the long-awaited performance car. Unfortunately, they really don’t give much away.

It looks like Subaru are keeping things close to their chest, and we’re still left guessing as to how the new STi model will differ from the original.

Talk about just what we’re to expect under the bonnet is still hotly debated.

Disappointingly, sources indicate that the STi won’t feature a turbocharged engine due to limited space, and it’ll instead achieve its increased 7,500rpm rev limit with exhaust and intake modifications – but as yet, we really can’t be too sure what Subaru are planning.

Still, it’s nice to know the STi hasn’t been forgotten about!