BMW recalls over 700,000 cars Worldwide due to electrical faults

German car giant BMW has just announced plans to recall various models in its 1 and 3 Series range. The recall could affect cars manufactured from March 2007 up to July 2011 and sold in North America, Canada, Japan and South Africa.

2009 BMW 3-Series: just one of the models affected

The recall came about when potential electrical problems became known after one Canadian motorist suffered a minor crash.

The problem is said to be due to the potential degradation over time of the connector for the positive battery cable connector and corresponding fuse box terminal.

Reviewing the failures, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS) have said that the loss of electrical power caused by a failing connector could cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly, increasing the risk of death.

Luckily, currently cars of these models sold in Europe aren’t affected.