Help! My Head Gasket Has Blown!


Cars often bring great joy to their owners. The thrill of the open road, the excitement of driving along a scenic coastline, and the pleasure of singing along to your favourite tunes while driving down the motorway, are moments we all enjoy. But, cars can also be a major pain the neck…and the wallet. One of the most serious problems is a blown head gasket.

Why is a Blown Head Gasket So Serious?

The head gasket seals the cylinder head to the engine block and also allows coolant to leak into the cylinders and causes compression loss. A blown head gasket will cause:

* A severe decrease in power due to a loss of compression.

* A loss of coolant which will cause overheating.

* Coolant leaking into cylinders or the crankcase which would dilute the oil and
cause more engine wear.

There are three main reasons why a blown head gasket is a serious issue:

* It is expensive to replace.

* It may have been caused by some other engine problem.

* Additional repairs and expense may be needed to completely fix the motor.

What Should You Do When Your Head Gasket Fails?

Your first thought will be to take it to your mechanic and get it fixed. However, you now know that it will be costly to repair and may require additional repairs at an even great expense. Considering the cost of this, it is advisable to think about replacing your car instead of your head gasket. A new head gasket may only delay the inevitable deterioration of your car. If the automobile is older, the cost of repairing the blown head gasket may be greater than the book value of the car. Unless you love your car and can’t bear the thought of parting with it, buying a shiny new model may be the right choice.