13 essentials to keep in your car

When you’re behind the wheel of a car there are multitude of things that could go wrong; a breakdown, an accident, you could become lost – so it’s important that you’re prepared for any such eventuality. But how do you do that?

It’s simple. Keep your car stocked with the essentials; items that should always be in your car to ensure that when one of those issues does arrive, you’re ready.

We’re going to give you a quick rundown of those essentials here. And no, it isn’t stuff that’s going to take up the backseat of your car. It can all be tucked away into a box and put in your glove compartment or boot.

The owner’s manual – This shouldn’t really leave the glove compartment anyway, but if you have taken it out for whatever reason, make sure you put it back. It’ll offer you a lot of information that can help you get back out on the road. Plus, if you’re backed up in a huge traffic jam, it’s something to read at the very least.

Maps – Sure, you have a Smartphone and a satnav in your car but we all know that those batteries don’t last long. A paper map could end up being an absolute saviour when you’re lost.folding-map-360382_640

An old mobile phone – I’d be t you have plenty of old phones crammed into a drawer at home. Pull one of them out, charge it and then keep it in your car turned off. This way, when you’re lost or stranded and your current phone’s battery has died, you have a backup on hand.

Bottled water – If you’re stranded the last thing you want is to be thirsty for hours on end. Keep a bottle of water in the car with you at all times. You never know when you might need to wet your whistle!

High energy snack – The same goes with food. You don’t want to be stuck for hours without something to eat, so keep some high energy snack bars for emergencies. Oh, and don’t eat them when you’re peckish on the way to work. They’re for emergencies!

first-aid-kit-62643_640 First aid kit – If you’re in an accident and you or someone else is injured then you’ll want a first aid kit to hand. Putting it to use until the emergency services arrive could end up making the difference between life and death. Don’t underestimate its importance.

Flashlight – Imagine trying to change a flat in the dead of night. Not easy if you can’t see what you’re doing. Pack a flashlight in your boot.

Towels – Seems odd, but towels can be put to use in a number of different ways; drying off after a thunderstorm, keeping warm at night, and to put under a tyre when you’re jammed in the mud or snow.

A change of clothes –If you have to change a tyre in the rain you’re going to get soaked.What’s worse is that you have to get back in the car and continue to drive to your destination. You’ll be happy to have some dry clothes you can throw on.

A fire extinguisher – Fires can quickly grow from a small flame to a raging inferno. A fire extinguisher in your boot can stop something small from turning into something much worse.

Emergency money – Keep a small amount of cash in your car just in case you ever need to tip a friendly tow truck driver, or pick up something to eat (that’s if you did buckle and eat your emergency snack). pound-414418_640

A shovel – British weather can’t be trusted, and when it does turn sour, the roads become mayhem. If you do find yourself caught in a snowstorm it isn’t unlikely that the car will become a little stuck. A shovel can help you dig out of any problem.

Jump cables – These will help you get your car started when you battery dies (providing a friendly driver gives you hand), and it means you can help someone else when they’re in a fix.

Kit your car out with these things and you’ll be ready for any eventuality.