Volkswagen Mechanical Faults

At Sell Your Problem Car ® we come across a number of expensive VW mechanical faults. Reliability of Volkswagens varies greatly between models, but here are some of the most common problems:

Low oil pressure

If the oil light comes on, it’s probable that you’re suffering from one of the most common problems with older Volkswagens: low oil pressure.

Low oil pressure is a serious problem. Without sufficient pressure, the moving parts within you VW engine won’t be lubricated properly, causing excessive wear and damage which can be extremely costly to fix.

Water pump failure

Water pump failure is well-known in the VW T5. If not addressed early on, and if the seals on the oil cooler are broken, the water can contaminate the oil – and once the oil is contaminated, the turbo can be extensively damaged.

Fuel pump failure

Fuel pump failure is a frequent problem in the VW 2.0 TDI engine. If you have problems with the fuel pump, the engine may have difficulty starting – or it may not start at all.

A failure of the fuel pump in your Volkswagen will lead to overheating, which can cause severe engine damage, the cost of which may be in excess of the car itself.

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