Sell My Honda

Sell My Honda

Have you got a damaged or problem Honda?

Not sure what to do with it?

There’s no need to keep asking yourself “How am I going to sell my Honda?” because the answer is easy; pass the problem onto us!

We buy problem cars

Problem cars aren’t a problem for us, in fact we love them! If you have a problem Honda to sell we want to hear about it. Honda is usually a reliable make of car but certain models with certain problems cause their drivers no end of stress. If you’re at the end of your tether with your Honda why not get a quote from us? We offer a great alternative to traditional scrappage, dealing with traders and the headache of finding an independent buyer.

Problem Hondas:

  • Honda CV-R
  • Honda Civic, particularly the Honda Civic 2.2 CTDi
  • Honda Accord

Common faults seen in Honda cars are short clutch life and flywheel issues, fuel pump problems and turbo wear and tear.

Mechanical or electrical trouble of any kind is fine as long as your vehicle is less than 10 years old. Find out more about how it works.

We buy damaged cars

A car that has been written off usually means it’s not economically viable to repair it. Where does this leave you? Without a car to drive or sell. In fact if your Honda has been written off it doesn’t have to mean you’re left high and dry. At Sell Your Problem Car ® we’re also looking for damaged Hondas to buy.

It’s difficult to sell a damaged car. You may even still be waiting for your insurance to pay out or facing big bills from the garage. Selling your car quickly could be the answer to getting rid of all those problems. We’ll even settle the repair bills or any outstanding finance to help you get shot of your problem car.

Get a free quote by using the simple search tool on this page or call us on 0207 458 4457.