Sell My Ford

Sell Your Ford

Although Ford is generally known for the high build quality and reliability of its vehicles there are several models that display faults. We buy any damaged or problem cars, completing the sale quickly and taking that headache off your hands!

We buy Fords with engine problems

Selling a problem Ford can often be difficult but at Sell Your Problem Car ® we want to change that. We’ll buy any car that’s less than 10 years and collect it within 48 hours.

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5 Fords with problems:

  • Ford Mondeo
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford S Max

The Ford Focus, while remaining one of the most popular cars in the UK right now, actually suffers numerous problems. If you’re prompted to ask yourself “Should I sell my Ford?” then it’s high time you called us for a quote.

Common engine problems that we see in Ford Focus include:

  • Alternator problems
  • Loss of engine power
  • Oil filler cap coming loose and allowing oil to drip on the exhaust heat shield
  • Fuel pipe leak
  • Flywheel problems

If you have any of these issues or another engine problem with your Ford you might be worried about your ability to sell it on. Instead of waiting months to find an interested buyer or forking out for repairs just give us a call. Don’t worry; we’ll always give a fair quote for your vehicle.

We buy damaged Fords

We also buy accident damaged cars. If your Ford has been in an accident, don’t worry, you could still get a great price for it. Forget costly repairs, simply get cash for your damaged car and unburden yourself instantly. We’ll even buy a car that’s been written off.

Before you consider part exchange or scrappage get a free quote from us first. We promise you’ll be shouting “Yes, I can sell my Ford!”