Mercedes Mechanical Faults

Mercedes have done a lot to improve the reliability of their cars in recent years, but their effort to produce dependable vehicles has been largely inconsistent.

Here are some of the most problematic concerns for Mercedes owners:

Gearbox faults

The Tiptronic (or ‘Touch Shift’) gearbox is a complex automatic transmission that can also be shifted manually.

But the Tiptronic gearbox can cause a lot of problems, and it delivers an unreliable performance that’s expensive to fix when it goes wrong.

The A Class, B Class, C Class, E Class, S Class and M Class are all fitted with the Tiptronic gearbox, which makes them particularly prone to gearbox faults.

Timing chain failure

Timing chain failure is common across all Mercedes models. The chain keeps all moving components of the engine in sync, but if the belt snaps or slips, the timing engine timing is lost and the damage can destroy the engine.

Kompressor problems

Mercedes are also prone to faults with the supercharger, which are found fitted on a number of the SLK models.

The kompressor can fail and seize up and will cost a lot to repair or replace.

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