Toyotas are usually extremely reliable vehicles. They’re dependable, they’re tough and they’re built to last – but that doesn’t mean something will never go wrong.

And a Toyota mechanical fault can really set you back, with the cost of repair often exceeding the value of your car.

So let’s take a look at some of the most costly Toyota mechanical faults.

Fuel injector problems

The 1KF-FTV diesel engine – an engine used in the Land Cruiser Prado, the Fortuner, and the Hilux – is renowned for its fuel injector issues.

Fuel injector failure can cause the engine to overheat, and it will eventually seize up. That’s because in a normal fuel cycle the fuel is burnt off, but when fuel injectors are faulty small amounts of fuel may remain. This unburnt fuel can combust and cause damage to the engine.

Timing belt failure

The timing chain is responsible for keeping all the moving components of the engine synchronised. But if if the timing belt snaps, slips or becomes damaged, it can destroy the engine.

The pistons may come into contact with the valves, and since these parts are difficult to access, repair work is extremely costly.

Sell your damaged Toyota

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