Now owned by Volkswagen, Skoda has a great reputation for reliability. But let’s take a look at some of the most costly mechanical faults they can suffer.

Gearbox problems

Problems with the transmission aren’t especially common in Skodas, but since they’re so difficult to access and fix, the cost of repair is usually extremely high.

So if your Skoda has suffered a mechanical fault where the gears keep falling out, locking, or failing to engage, it might actually be more cost effective to sell the vehicle than it is to fix the problem.

Fuel injector failure

Fuel injectors are vital in any engine, and their failure can result in several hundred pounds worth of damage.

They’re responsible for pumping the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine or fuel injection system, and if they become damaged or broken they can negatively impact on the performance of the car. They can cause low fuel pressure which prevents your car from starting, or can produce an insufficient fuel volume where an inadequate supply of fuel is sent to the engine.

Sell your Skoda today

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