Renault has an extremely large range of hot hatchbacks, small family cars, saloons, estates and vans – and they’re very popular. Unfortunately, Renault doesn’t produce the most reliable of vehicles, and mechanical faults can and do occur.

Here are some of the most costly Renault mechanical faults we see here at Sell Your Problem Car ®:

Engine valve problems

Engine valves are responsible for controlling the air-fuel mixture and the exhaust gases inside your engine. But in certain Renault cars these valves are prone to excessive wear.

If the valves begin to develop cracks, coolant can leak into the combustion chamber and cause damage to the cylinders. This overheats the engine and can destroy it entirely, leaving you with a very costly repair bill.

Gearbox problems

Certain Clios (those built between 2005 and 2006) have been known to suffer from a malfunctioning gearbox.

The problem is especially common in models with automatic transmissions, where the gearbox switches – either into manual or into third gear – without any intervention from the driver.

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