Dacia makes some of the cheapest new cars on the UK market. Unfortunately they have a tendency to suffer from a number of ongoing faults.

So let’s take a look at the most serious faults we see here at Sell Your Problem Car ®.

Cooling fan problems

Some Dacua Duster owners have encountered problems with the cooling fan. There’s a fuse in the car which is prone to blowing, and if this happens, then the cooling fan will stop working.

If the car’s cooling system fails, the engine is at risk of overheating – and heat can cause permanent damage to an engine.

Broken cylinder head

The cylinder head is integral in any combustion engine. It’s designed to help seal the cylinders, and all the moving engine parts related to them. But they only work if they’re kept flush with the parts.

A crack can mean that the cylinder head loses compression, causing a misfire. And major damage can result in severe engine problems, which can cost more than the car is worth to fix.

Sell your broken Dacia

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We’ll collect your broken or damaged Dacia within 48 hours of your initial inquiry, and we’ll even settle any garage bills or outstanding finance.

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