Citreon Mechanical Faults

Citroëns can be very dependable cars, but this reliability tends to vary greatly between models. Here are some of the most common mechanical faults we come across here at Sell Your Problem Car ®:

Engine problems

While the Citroën petrol engines are quite reliable, and don’t cause too many issues, the 1.6 diesel engine – which is fitted in a number of models – is responsible for a large number of costly mechanical faults.

If for any reason an oil change is missed, or if the engine has been neglected, the problems that result can be extremely expensive. They’re prone to clogging up, which in turn will cause problems in the turbocharger (which won’t be sufficiently lubricated to operate effectively) and in the exhaust diesel particulate filter (which will become blocked).

Fuel injector problems

Citroën diesels also suffer from fuel pump failures quite regularly, which causes overheating, and eventually the engine will seize up. To fix the problem is difficult, and the cost often ends up being greater than the value of the car.

Gearbox issues

Another major problem with some Citroën models is the Sensodrive semi-automatic gearbox. These gearboxes aren’t very reliable, and often fail. These types of mechanical faults can be extremely costly to repair.

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