Chrysler Mechanical Faults

We come across a number of Chryslers here at ®, and we notice the same faults again and again. Here are some of the most common Chrysler mechanical faults we see:

Fuel-related problems

Chrysler Voyages and Grand Voyages that are fitted with either a diesel or a petrol engine are both prone to fuel issues, mainly from complications with the fuel pump.

You’ll normally not receive any warning that there’s a problem with the fuel injector, but you will start to notice a few things – the first sign is usually that the engine has difficulty starting. This is very common in Chryslers.

Gearbox issues

The majority of Chrysler models are fitted with an automatic gearbox, but the most common gearbox issues is with the Chrysler Crossfire. Signs of a gearbox issue include problems initiating gears, or having gears ‘pop out’ while driving.

Because gearboxes contain so many moving parts, and are buried deep within the car itself, problems can be difficult to locate, and they’re especially difficult to access. Repairs can cost upwards of £1000, and in many instances outweigh the cost of the car itself.

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