Audi Mechanical Faults

Audi Mechanical Faults

Audis are normally very reliable cars, and mechanical faults aren’t especially common – but they do occur. And when they do, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Expensive to fix, the more serious faults can actually exceed the value of your car. We’ve put together some of the most costly Audi mechanical faults that we come across.

Oil pump problems

Certain Audi models fitted with the 2 litre 2.0 TDI diesel engine have been known suffer from low oil pressure, which is caused by a faulty or failed oil pump.

Failed oil pumps can have serious consequences on performance; they can lead to severe engine damage and can even see the engine seizing up.

Gearbox problems

Those unlucky Audi models fitted with an automatic gearbox are also prone to a number of mechanical faults.

Every 40k miles a fluid change is required for the multitronic gearbox, but unfortunately, most Audi owners are unaware of this. Gear changes won’t be as smooth as they once were, and the gearbox will begin to slip. Repairs are extremely expensive.

Other issues

Diesel Audi models are fitted with turbo chargers, which are especially prone to failure if oil changes aren’t done at regular intervals, and failed transfer boxes are another major problem. Strange noises are normally the first sign that something might be wrong with the transfer box

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