We will buy any damaged or broken-down cars with a free valuation – no admin fees involved!

Whether you’ve had an accident and crashed your car, or if those engine, gearbox or  other mechanical problems finally got the better of you, you may find yourself faced with the prospect of paying a number of expensive garage repair bills in order to see your car back in full working order – bills that could cost hundreds or thousands of pounds.

No longer road-worthy, you might think about trying to sell your accident damaged car and attempt to recoup some of the costs.  Unfortunately, if you’ve tried in the past to sell a broken car, you’ll know how difficult it can be to generate any buyer interest in your broken-down motor.

Unable to sell your damaged car you’re faced with the prospect of losing a great deal of money – money that may be needed to cover the costs of buying a new car.

We can help…


We have 20 collection points throughout the UK so we will guarantee to pay for and collect your car whatever your location within 48 hours.