Sell My Mercedes

Sell Your Mercedes

Are you trying to sell a faulty Mercedes but struggling to find a buyer?

Over time your car will inevitably succumb to wear and tear, and you may start to notice niggling problems occurring. The older your Mercedes gets, the more the cost of repair begins to outweigh the value of the car. Eventually it will reach the stage where it’s more cost-effective to sell your problem car ® and invest in a new one.

We pay cash for all Mercedes vehicles that are less than 10 years old, regardless of their condition.

If your Mercedes has developed a major mechanical fault, is a non runner, or has been written off, we can help turn your scrap car into cash!

Common Mercedes problems:

Mercedes owners commonly report problems with the tiptronic gearbox, as well as the following:

  • Gearbox ECU faults
  • Turbo failed/blown
  • Faulty turbo charger
  • Timing belt snapped
  • Key not responding
  • Compressor seized

Mercedes cars we will buy:

Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes B-Class, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes CLA-Class, Mercedes CLS-Class, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes G-Class, Mercedes GL-Class, Mercedes GLA-Class, Mercedes M-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes SL-Class, Mercedes SLK-Class, Mercedes SLS AMG, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes AMG.

If your Mercedes is faulty or written off we’ll pay cash for it and collect it for free! Get in touch now for your free no obligation quote!

For further information on Mercedes vehicles visit the Mercedes website.