Sell My Audi

Sell Your Audi

Are you looking at selling you Audi even if its broken?

Over time all cars have problems and break down and there comes a point when the cost of repair doesn’t justify keeping the car, but what can you do? As a car owner it becomes hard to sell your problem vehicle and most car dealers don’t want to fix it as it may be too expensive.

We buy Audi’s with many different problems from mechanical failures to unrepairable category u cars.

Audi cars with problems include:

Audi A2 , AUDI A3, Audi A4 , AUDI A6 , Audi A8 , AUDI Q7, Audi TT, AUDI 1.4 , AUDI 1.6 , AUDI 1.8 , AUDI 1.9TDI , AUDI 2.0 , AUDI 2.5 , AUDI 3.0 TDI, AUDI 3.2

Common AUDI Problems
Audi cars fitted with the 2 litre 2.0tdi diesel engine can suffer from low oil pressure due to oil pump problems. A failed oil pump leads to severe engine damage and even engines seizing up which can be very costly.

All diesel Audi cars and other modern diesels are fitted with turbo chargers that can fail especially if oil changes are not done at regular intervals.

Some Audi cars are fitted with an ‘automatic gearbox’ and suffer from many problems, for example:

  • ecu gearbox problem
  • gearbox solenoid problem
  • multi tronic gearbox problem
  • dsg semi-automatic gearbox problem
  • 4 wheel drive cars are fitted with transfer boxes that also fail and lose drive

If you have suffered from any of these problems then you might be thinking
“How can I sell my Audi a3 online for cash?”

Well, we offer FREE no obligation car quotes and car valuations no matter what is wrong with it. We literally buy any car built in the last 10 years and give a competitive cash price for your vehicle.

If you would like more information on Audi’s check out there site.