Porsche Mechanical Faults

As well as suffering from the more common mechanical faults – like fuel injector failures – Porches are prone to some very specific mechanical faults, largely due to the unique design of their engines.

Here are some of the more serious problems:

Crankshaft cradle and rear main seal problems

Between 50% – 100% of all Porsche Boxsters are affected by a leak problem in the rear main seal. Complications with the heavy dual-mass fly wheel mean that, over time, the crankshaft cradle moves downwards and the rear main seal is either moved or worn prematurely.

Lucky Porsche owners whose crankshaft cradle has remained central can get away with simply replacing the rear main seal – the unlucky ones will need to replace the engine entirely.

Intermediate bearing shaft design faults

A failure of the intermediate bearing shaft is one of the most common causes for failure in Porsche’s M96 and M97 engines fitted in the 986 and 987 Boxster models.

The bearings in these engines are prone to premature wear, which can cause a timing chain to disengage. If the chain is disengaged, the engine’s components will move out of sync and cause major internal damage, ruining the engine.

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